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VDIAGTOOL VC200 Thickness Gauge Tester For Car Paint Tester Backlight Display Measuring Fe/nFe Car Film Thickness Meter

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  • Description

    The VC200 can make a quick and effective measurement of the thickness of the non-metallic coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate and the thickness of the non-magnetic coating of the magnetic metal substrate,it can also automatically identify the magnetic metal substrate and non-magnetic metal substrate.It is widely used in the inspection field of automobile manufacturing,metal processing industry,chemical industry,commodity inspection,etc.

    Product Functions

    1.Measuring the thickness of non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal substrate.
    2.Measuring the thickness of the non-metallic coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate.
    3.Automatically identifying the non-magnetic metal substrate and magnetic metal substrate.
    4.Single measurement,continous measurement and differential measurement available.
    5.With maximum,minimum and average value viewing function.
    6.Zero-point calibration,offset calibration and basic calibration available.
    7.Metric and imperial units of measurement optional.
    8.LCD backlight.
    9.Automatic shutdown.

    Measurement Modes

    1)Single measurement:measuring one data for each measurement.
    2)Continuous measurement:As long as the probe remains on substrate surface,the instrument keeps measuring.
    3)Difference measurement:the difference between this measurement and the last measurement.

    How to judge automobile paint?

    The thickness of the original car paint is between 100-200um,but the thickness of the touch up paint will be clear.It may be 500-1000um or even thicker. According to the standard of economical automobile,the paint surface of automobile should not be less than 90um,90um is regarded as cutting corners. For any cars standard higher than USD50000,the paint surface shall not be lower than 120um(hard index) Below 120um is considered as cutting corners.

    The VC200 is charged with usb cable

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