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Survive Rescue Scissor Gauze Cutter Emergency First Aid Shear Outdoor Clothes Cutting Gardening Tactical Scissors Safety Gear

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    Product: Stainless steel scissors

    Color: as shown in the

    Size: 15*6.8cm/18.3*9.2*1cm

    Material: stainless steel PP

    Used for: emergency gauze for home and outdoor camping, other paper, etc.


    Characteristics; The handle is ergonomically designed, labor-saving and energetic, the blade part is black, oxidized and reflective, and the toothed structure can be easily solved even though is difficult to cut nylon cloth or umbrella rope, etc. The round hole has the function of stripping thread, etc.


    EMT: Generally, this type of scissors is used for emergency treatment in the battlefield, and it is used to cut off the clothes or fabrics attached to the wounded without turning the torso to remove the undresses. Of course, it can also be used for cutting gauze, dressings and bandages, etc.


    1. [100% brand-new quality] 100% brand-new quality, no secondary recycled materials, and all products are disinfected (it is recommended that the goods be disinfected with high temperature and alcohol before use).

    2. [Elbow] Curved cutter head to prevent accidental injury.

    3. [Portable] With hooks, it is easy to carry and lighter.

    4. [Color variety] A variety of colors to choose from.

    5. [Easy to use] Easy to use, the cutter head is serrated, cutting is more labor-saving, and children can also use it.





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