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RHINO RESCUE Tactical Trauma Kit To Configure Survival kit Outdoor Emergency First Aid Kit For Camping Hiking IFAK Medicial Kit

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  • Description

    RHINO Trauma Kit is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury , with care provided to preserve life , prevent the condition from worsening , or to promote recovery .

    Otherwise known as the “trauma module” as seen in the RHINO RESCUE first aid/trauma kit. The average person can bleed out within less than 5 minutes but it takes an average of 7 minutes for first responders to arrive. Our Emergency Bleeding Control Kits are designed to stop and control the bleeding until first responders arrive on the scene.


    1 x Chest Seal
    1 x Compression Gauze
    1 x Emergency Bandage
    1 x Tourniquet
    1 x Emergency Blanket
    1 x Medical Shears
    1 x Glove


    2 x Chest Seal
    1 x Compression Gauze
    1 x Emergency Bandage
    1 x Tourniquet
    1 x Emergency Blanket
    1 x Medical Shears
    1 x Gloves
    1 x Eyes Shield
    1 x Combat Cravat


    2 x Chest Seal
    1 x Compression Gauze
    2 x Emergency Bandage
    1 x Tourniquet
    1 x Tourniquet Holder
    1 x Splint 18in
    1 x Combat Cravat
    1 x Elastic Crepe Bandage 7.5cm*4.5m
    1 x Eyes Shield
    1 x Duct Tape 5cm*2.5m
    1 x Emergency Blanket
    1 x Scissors
    1 x Nasopharyngeal Airways 28Fr
    1 x Glove
    1 x Marker


    Q1: When will the order send?
    A1: Will be shipped within 48 hours, expected to arrive in 10-20 days. The shipping time for large packages will be longer, you can wait patiently.
    Q2: Why can the track number not tracking?
    A2: The package is in normal transportation and the logistics information may not be updated in time. Please wait patiently for updating.
    Q3: What is the problem with delivery?
    A3: Check with your local post office. May be the local post office receives it for the buyer.
    Q4: How to modify the address?
    A4: After the buyer places an order, the delivery address cannot be modified. Buyers are advised to place a new order after canceling the order.
    Q5:What kind of certifications do you have?
    A5:ISO 13485/ CE/DIN13164 & DIN13157.For the main product we also have the single testing report by SGS.
    Q6:Who are we?
    A6:Founded in 2010,Rhino Rescue began as a pre-hospital emergency product supplier. Based on the concept of fast, efficient and scientific transfer of emergency care, we continuously improve and innovate our products, providing premium first aid and IFAK supplies to worldwide front-line emergency medical personnel. In the EMS specialty, we are your professional partner.

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