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FMS 1:18 K10 Pickup Truck RTR RC Car Officially Authorized Classic Retro Off-road Climbing Vehicle Kids Adult Toys Gift,1/18


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  • Description

    FMS 1:18 CHEVROLET K10 RTR (Ready to Run)


    Every Chevrolet truck has its own story behind it. Pickup trucks have always been an American car culture and the symbol of the American spirit. This was until GM’s brought a new set of naming principles – the C for rear-wheel drive and the K for four-wheel drive in their all-new lineup of Chevrolet pickups.

    With a tailgate that lowers the loading height, a spacious cab and a sunken frame, FMS’ new 1:18 CHEVROLET K10 adheres to the revolutionary “square body” and features a perfectly replicated K series in terms of 4wd, metal beams, aluminum frame rails and reliable multi-link suspension system.

    RC model pickups with hard plastic bodyshells are rare and precious, when mostly SUVs dominate the area. The large cargo space and retractable tailgate makes it easy to carry all kinds of 1/18 simulation parts such as motorcycles, kayaks and various camping equipment.

    As a perfect 1/18 duplicate, the FMS CHEVROLET K10 shares the same linear design with the real car, as well as a curved grille and outside front bumper. Elegant detailing with a premium two-tone color scheme, the body’s mirrors and front and rear bumpers. Move the camera and focus on the spacious and comfortable car’s interior, from the bench seats to a center console and steering wheel.

    Open the hood and explore the large inside space where the motor, ESC, receiver and battery are readily accessible, making upgrading an easy task. Light sets have linked light control functions with light control plug-ins including headlights, turn signals and reverse lights.

    Scale replica K10 tires and wheels as featured on the real truck, molded in a soft all-terrain pattern for running on any terrain.

    The 1/18 Chevrolet K10 – perfect as a static model until you switch on and imagine yourself behind the wheel of a legendary Chevy Pick-up! A surprise gift from FMS for you in 2021.

    2.4G Transmitter x1

    2 in1 ESC&Receiverx1

    USB Charger x1

    Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAhx1


    Hex Wrench Socketx1

    3Y 1kg Digital Servo x1

    050 Brushed Motorx1

    Battery:20.5 x 51 x 15mm

    Transmitter:152mm x 75mm x 167mm

    Model Vehicle:323.8 x 139 x 130.7mm

    Ground Clearance: 37.7mm

    Tire: D:54.8mm ,W:19.5mm

    RS Box: 330x 265 x 605mm

    Approach angle:58.8°

    Departure angel:34.6°


    Manual: Read the ENTIRE instruction manual to become familiar with the features of the product before operating.

    Charging: To maintain the stability condition of the battery, please remove it from the rc truck and turn off the truck when charging, otherwise, it can damage the battery lifespan.

    Over charge & dis-charge: Do not over-charge or over dis-charge the battery. If you are unsure of how to charge this battery, please seek the advice of experienced RC users.

    Operating Note: Always turn on the transmitter brfore connecting the battery on the model. When turning off the model, always disconnect the battery first, and then turn off the model, always disconnect the battery first, and then turn off the transmitter. If this order is reversed, the model may become uncontrollable and case serious damage.

    Motor overheated: The motor will become hot during use. Allow 10-15 minutes between runs for the vehicle to cool down. Doing so will prolong the life of your vehicle.

    Not use: When not in use, must be remove the battery of the remote and vehicle.

    After-sales Service: If there is any functional problems with product, please let us know. We always set out for users’ feelings, professional product and services.

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