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1:12 All Metal Hydraulic Toys Rc Loader Christmas Gifts


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  • Description

    BATT953 RC loader

    Players need to prepare before use.

    A: the simulation dynamic engineering mechanical model is A real model integrating micro hydraulic system, microelectronics technology and 2.4G transmission. It is not a children’s toy. Children under 13 years old and inexperienced players should be installed and used in adult supervision with certain professional knowledge. Otherwise, it will cause damage to components and even personal danger.

    B: skilled operation and use of this product should be:

    1. Basic knowledge of the model. (steering gear, electric adjustment, 2.4G remote transmitter and receiver principle)

    2. Strong hands-on ability and DIY ability.

    3. Understand the basic principle of hydraulic transmission. (appendix)

    4. Players need to prepare themselves before using:

    32 or 46 hydraulic oil 100ml,

    11.1v or 12v DC lithium battery 1-2 group, charger one group, remote control no.5 dry battery 8,

    M2 M3 M4 hexagonal wrench, screwdriver, model tongs, scissors, electric drill and other model tools.


    • Scale: 1:12

    • Length: 555mm

    • Width: 226mm

    • Height: 270mm

    • Deadweight: 10kg

    • 6channel 2.4Ghz radio

    • New strong cylinder

    •3d printing simulation seats, armrest boxes, file handles, chimneys, etc

    •Brushless walking motor system

    • New Metal molded tracks (50mm width)

    • Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump

    •Pressure gauge visible

    •Automatic lift to level, only need to lift the big arm

    • Powder coated in yellow

    • Run time is: 30 minutes (3000mAh battery)

    •Lifting force: 15kg/33pounds

    Quick Start Guide

    Steps for the first boot up of RTR version (please ask the seller for instructions on video)

    First, open the engine cover of the machine. Then find the Add oil tube.” Fill 50-60ml into the tank with a syringe. After filling, remember not to block the oil pipe, or it will lead to oil spill of the oil pump motor.

    Too much oil will cause oil leakage!

    The remote control is loaded with 4 no. 5 dry batteries, the remote control transmitter is turned on, and then the excavator battery is connected. For excavator battery, please use 11.1v DC/DC lithium battery.

    Installation of decoration parts, please refer to the finished picture.

    The installation method of rotating ceiling lamp is similar:

    7. Fix the rotation with glue or 3m glue or screws to the top of the cab.

    8. Then insert the other end into the free channel of the receiver.

    Machine maintenance and maintenance.

    Maintenance: the product continuously works 10 hours, must replace hydraulic oil!

    The first time you start the pump, the oil cylinder reacts slowly, or intermittently, as a normal phenomenon. Because there is air in the cylinder pipe, it will be automatically emptied for a period of time.

    The first time you start the pump, the oil cylinder reacts slowly, or intermittently, as a normal phenomenon. Because there is air in the cylinder pipe, it will be automatically emptied for a period of time.

    The main engine design USES the power of 3s lithium battery 11.1v, and the input voltage is strictly prohibited to exceed 12v.

    The chassis is electrically driven, the motor is not allowed to water, otherwise the machine will be paralyzed.

    Common troubleshooting solutions.

    The fault

    The solution

    swich erro

    The remote control can’t be opened, the didi ring, display swich erro.

    Confirm that the third channel is in the lowest position. All switches are in the zero position, and the adjustment is in the middle position. Please see the remote control manual.

    Turn on the remote and the car is moving.

    1. The battery has no power 2. Signal interference

    The oil pump does not pump out of the oil tank.

    The oil pump motor turned backwards.

    The pump turned right, but there was no movement.

    Check whether the position of the reversing valve is parallel, and rotate 45 degrees around the steering gear.

    Big arms can move, but no power.

    Adjustable pressure

    Big arms can work, but very slowly.

    It is indicated that the rotation of the steering gear is less than 45 degrees and must be adjusted to 45 degrees.

    The oil pump outlet is always exploding.

    The reversing valve is not in the middle parallel position.

    Oil pump or reverse valve leakage is serious.

    The wrong operation caused the oil pump to be in high pressure for a long time, and then the oil pump was sealed and damaged, and the manufacturer was contacted for maintenance.

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